March 14, 2023


The morning training off the farm went great. The weather was horrible though and the afternoon lessons were cancelled.

Good. I have taught many times on days I’ve had animal friends cross over. This one wasn’t really in me. The message to the barn family will read:

Hi All,

I’m so sorry to have to write that our dear friend Win is galloping in greener pastures today.

We do not know what happened. We found him already gone laying in the field. No struggle, no appearance of hardship. After watching many beloved animals suffer to the end, I will say this is somewhat less painful as he does not appear to have suffered.

I am sure this news will hit many of you hard and I am grateful so many love our ponies. Thanks again barn family for being a great net to fall back on.

Love, Dave and Beth

Heart sick over this guy. I sat with him for hours wishing I’d spent more time with him while he was alive. He was an indescribably cool guy. Is that a real word? Don’t care today. I’m so going to miss that beautiful, kind beast.


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