March 13, 2023


The dogs are ecstatic! They get to run as far, fast, and free as they want back on the farm. We ran around the neighboring farms for nearly 4 hours. The ponies look good for this time of year. All but Tyde. Chronic Lyme’s and winter are taking its toll on him. Every type of Veterinary practitioner has been on the case. All of them are encouraging, we have a plan. It’s no different than what we’ve been doing, but it is encouraging we are all in agreement. Tyde, Chilly, Houston, and Riley are on my priority schedule to school up. Conditioning plans are made. Dr. Carlson has weighed in on Houston’s plan and we are hopeful he will find employment again here.

Watch out whoever grooms him. He’s very excited to be back to a schedule!

Another cool thing about being away is the reunion home with the barn family. I did miss y’all and look forward to a full week of teaching. The weather is quite warm.

We started using Magna Wave on the critters- excellent results! Hang in there Tyde.


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