June 14, 2023


Braylynn finally gets to sit on a horse. Thanks Mollie! Bounce gymnastic school with Mollie and Riley- went super. It is a challenge to learn to give to the horse in the bridle and support with the leg when you already feel as if they are running away. They were great together.

Morgan and Rosita- worked on energy shifting to achieve roundness instead of raw aids. Love the ah-ha moments the horses grant us. Very windy day, only one spook from Rosita.

Barb and Ginger have a lunge lesson. First time for me to be on the end of the lunge line post-surgery. Not great on my part, but we got it done and Barb and Ginger were off to the next level- again!

Ava and Naughty Pants (Liam) started off great. He ended up over threshold when the wind and his pasture mates running around the field got the best of him. Ava gets her first experience bringing a horse back to cooperating – she did a super job, settled him, got some stretch over his topline, and got off before the gremlins in his brain came alive again. I love a horse like this to keep riders aware that they are in fact, animals. Respect the fact they cooperate with us and our desire to ride them as a gift from them.


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