January 8, 2023


I received THE BEST gift from Liam today. He was sunbathing! In the decades I’ve known this horse, I can’t recall him laying down. He obviously goes down- I’ve seen him roll and seen his rewards from rolling many times, but I’ve never seen him lay down and rest. He usually props himself on a wall and balances with his head and neck. This is part of the decision to try him out full time. I noticed an improvement in his soundness after the first week and now it is quite obvious full-time turnout is the best thing for him. He looks comfortable and settled.

How many others would benefit from the same? Maybe another farm goal would be to have less horses and more run-in sheds. The whole day was a blessing- Riley started off typically resistant with Mollie, but in less than a quarter hour was beyond her last good ride.

Agility lessons were inspiring too. Nearly every single team both Saturday and Sunday showed vast improvement. Handling was clearer, the dogs were engaged, the handlers learned to acknowledge engagement with their dogs before continuing on course. !!!!! Debunking my belief system to always be productive, the lesson of the week is a good refreshing break can move you unexpectedly ahead. Well done everyone! I am fortunate to learn much from those who let me teach them.


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