February 19, 2023


It feels like going home to be at the Gulf Pearl. Dave and I got a chance to catch up with a long-time friend who is retired and volunteers at a sea turtle rescue. Amazing stories of rescues and learning how they do what they do, it was impressive.

After Dave heads home, Leslie, Tracy, Hilda, Shirlyn, and Stacie spend some time. Not enough time, I do hate to see them head home. So does Carys. One year, she sat at their bedroom doors whining. I opened the doors for her to see they did, in fact, leave. As Carys searched for a trace of them, I took that opportunity to empty the bathroom trash. She caught a whiff of someone’s hair and ran over. She was so excited! She poked around in the trash as if she was trying to tell me they were still around- too funny. She sulked a good day before bouncing back.


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