February 18, 2023


Dave and I drove through to the trial site, checked it out, and set up camp in our hotel. All went well with the dogs settling in. The trial site is at a park, we saw an armadillo sunning itself on what the Floridians say is the first really warm day so far.

The rings were in a covered horse arena, but with fencing Jigger could easily duck out of. No problem for Lore and Carys, they did much better on video than how it felt to run it. Jig got measured successfully! One more measurement to go some other day. I’ve trialed twice in Florida and gotta say they are the nicest people. They know each other very well, so a new comer stands out. Lots of them come by and welcome me, chat about dogs, and wish us well.

Great trial, the dogs were super. Off to the beach house! Knowing we have an awesome crew at home, headed up by Amanda makes being away a bit easier.


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