December 26, 2022


It’s the last week of December and the lesson plans focused on building skills for the riders without stressing the horses in full winter coats on a 60-degree day. I’m not complaining at all, loving this myself, but the animals are only enjoying it if sunbathing is the only thing on the schedule. The week prior to Christmas the temps were season lows with highs in the teens. The quick changes in temps always concern us, it is very hard on the horses and colic occurs more frequently. Liam has just switched to full turn out so I’m glad to see the temp rise a bit.

The Tuesday lessons were all with horses we decided not to clip for the winter. Rider fitness and establishing a stronger lower leg position became the lesson plans. Suppling exercises for horse and rider with core conditioning for the horses proved effective. All showing great improvements from the summer/fall training. It’s so rewarding and inspiring to see the results from collective efforts.

The college kids are back for lessons during their break and while that makes my heart happy, seeing they haven’t lost a thing is the coolest. Savannah’s riding improved even. I’ve had really good rides on Riley, Rosita, and Tyde. Riley worked through her left side bias, Rosita stronger in the canter, and Tyde continues to recover from Lymes. On Sunday I hopped on after his half hour private and easily got the left lead canter on three strike offs. Sustainability is improved to a few trips around the ring with greater ease for him.

Dogs this week- Started Handling 360 and keeping up. Still not finding time to enjoy participating in the community, but that’s ok for now. Jigger is getting the foundation he needs, Carys will just do agility for exercise now, and Lore…………. Lorecan is my mirror. Having just seen that in print I have clarity on proceeding.

Now, God, will you help me and direct my steps? As I will soon write to a class who took a fitness workshop with me- when you’re not sure what actions to take, start with a training plan. Pick one thing, break it down, and write it out. One step at a time. This dog loves to work, but only when she knows what is expected of her. Although she will participate anyway, giving me a false sense of accomplishment, the quality and balance between effort and ease are lacking.

As Julie points out to me, remember to use your yoga training in your life. Isn’t that why we practice yoga?! Isn’t bringing yoga to life the goal?


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