April 29, 2023


Too much fun! Dave set me up with all the comforts and a good day was had. The ponies looked great! It is a challenge getting this done w/o Win. Gayle will let us bring Savannah in. That will be a fun surprise for everyone.

May went by in a blur- PT, lessons, classes, all slowed down with keeping the knee safe. I’ve kept my private journal and record book up to date, not this. Better intentions set for June journaling. The knee rehab and drain on the schedule is cutting into my intentions for this to be informative on the student/horse progress. It’s been an abridged update. I expect that as I get back to my previous pace, it will get on track. Maureen tells me I’m off hand walking and on private turn-out.

One thing- Dr. Tanner gave the second series of spring shots. I opted to do it without help. Good thing all well behaved ponies here! If anyone needed to be handled, it wouldn’t have been with positive reinforcement strategies. This is another “why” people need to train their animals- dogs included to exhibit good manners. When you are injured, you can still work with them if you need too.

All the horses, even Chip were very co-operative and stood perfectly.

Savannah needs to be called Savvy Pony to avoid confusion with our Savannah college student!


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