Learn about Journey-Well Farm and meet our team members

Journey-Well Farm is a small, private farm founded in 1997 by Dave and Beth Pickett. Located in the rolling countryside of Carroll County, it was their “retirement project” after a wonderful several decades of riding to hounds, competing in Horse Trials and Driving. Due to the tireless support, involvement, and encouragement of their parents, Dave and Beth enjoy deep roots in the horse world.  They were fortunate enough to study under the top trainers of the Eventing and Dressage sports from their early years in the United States Pony Clubs to present day. Opportunities provided by their parents and friends resulted in an expansive community they collaborate and celebrate with to this day.

Beth still enjoys training and keeping her skills sharp with her mare Riley while Dave enjoys riding to hounds.

Although it took some years before they actually retired from the competition scene, their children and students continue to enjoy events in many venues with USPC and USEA.

There are opportunities at Journey-Well for Fox-chasing, Eventing, and Dressage shows. Journey-Well also hosts special guest instructors and workshops/clinics throughout the year. If they can’t help you, Journey-Well can provide you with several options as their ties within the horse community run deep.

At Journey-Well Farm, Beth and Dave teach students how animals learn so you can learn alongside them, growing your skills in a fun, uplifting community.

For Horses

We offer private, semi-private, or small group riding lessons and boarding.

For lessons, trailer in with your horse or ride one of ours! Our groups are limited to four riders per lesson.

Boarding for field or stall, small group turn out depending on suitability.

For Dogs

We offer dog fitness training privates, group training, and board and train.

Fitness classes can be set up as privates or join a group. Board and train can be arranged on a short term daily plan or as a resort for your dog to enjoy while you’re on vacation. Many of these services can be combined for your specific needs. 

For People

We offer personal training, nutrition coaching and yoga instruction with the option for private or small group lessons.

We strive to provide the best services for people at Journey-Well because we believe in developing both members of the team – whether horse and rider OR dog and handler.

Our Team

Staff & Instructors at Journey-Well Farm

Beth Pickett, CPT, 500YTT, CFT, KPA-CTP

Farm Founder | Dog/Horse Trainer | Riding Instructor | Yoga Instructor

Beth has 53 years of equine experience with over 30 of those years teaching. From her first job at a local lesson/competition barn and teaching the children of her parents’ friends to present day, the love of sharing her knowledge and passion for horses is tireless.

From the beginning Beth has been in the right place at the right time and learned from industry leaders through USPC and many multi-disciplined training barns. Her development as a compassionate, insightful teacher and trainer has been shaped by Olympic team members, retired Military Officers, Olympic team coaches, and many other exceptionally talented horsemen who chose not to compete or ride internationally.

During her competition years, Beth recognized the rider’s responsibility to obtain a level of fitness that could help the horse. Conditioning the human athlete was a natural addition to her interest in conditioning horses. To help students improve their skills, Beth became certified as a Personal Trainer and 500hr. Yoga Teacher.

Dogs have always been on the scene. In the barn, at home, strays on the road, and in decades of Fox-chasing, Beth has held the same affection for dogs as for horses. Since her early days training the family’s Great Pyrenees,  Beth has had the opportunity to learn from the best dog trainers both online and locally as well as with top agility handlers throughout the eastern US.

She acquired her dog training certifications as a Canine Fitness Trainer through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy and as a Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner. She is also an Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Trainer Affiliate.

The learning parallels for humans and animals inspire Beth to seek ways to coexist and develop together with as great a respect and standard of excellence as possible. Beth believes in continuous learning and understanding and strives to inspire that in others. Be they student or coach, she appreciates collaborative efforts to grow and learn from all who share experiences with her, both humans and animals.

Dave Pickett

Farm Founder

Dave’s family had a pony waiting for him before he was born. He grew up driving and riding horses in 4H, United States Pony Club, and riding to hounds with Goshen and Howard County Hounds. His family reschooled and rehomed many well-rounded horses along the way.

Although Dave continued to ride and train horses, he moved into winning in the Draft Horse show ring with his uncle. As a member of the Draft Horse and Mule Association, Dave worked halter, driving singles and teams in the show ring, and shoeing horses for the ring.

Most of those years were divided into raising his family and working full time in his construction business, Journey-Well Contracting. Dave also became a skilled Farrier for light and draft horses. An opportunity to become Huntsman for a local hunt club faded the Draft Horse period. Currently, Dave is the backbone of JWF along with building his Construction business and riding to hounds whenever possible.

You can find him coaching JWF students at horse events, taking them to school off the farm, and introducing them to the sport of Fox Chasing.

Tori Strosnider

Riding Instructor

Tori is Dave and Beth’s daughter. She has been riding ever since she could sit up on her own. Growing up she participated in Pony Club and graduated a B level pony cluber. She participated in all of the various facets of horses that Pony Club had to offer; her favorite being Games. Throughout the years she was also involved in vaulting, fox hunting, and 3-Day Eventing. She began teaching riding lessons as a teenager and still fills in when needed at the farm. She took the teaching skills she learned at the farm into the world of physical education and is currently a PE teacher at Northwest Middle.

Mollie Stone

Riding Instructor

Mollie began riding at age four. By age 8 she was an active member of the Redland Hunt Pony Club where she competed in all disciplines. Throughout her Pony Club years, Mollie represented her region at nationals in Knowdown (horse knowledge), Dressage, and Mounted games. In 1998 Mollie was the alternate for the International Mounted Games Team USA to the United Kingdom. Following high school graduation Mollie took a break from riding until taking a cross country riding trip across Ireland. This re-ignited her love for riding and inspired her to seek out riding opportunities by way of team penning, barrel racing, and pole bending.

After a 15 year career in Law Enforcement Mollie was retired for medical conditions and wanted to return to the things that brought joy to her life. This led her to reconnect to her pony club roots with the Pickett family and brought her to Journey Well Farm.

Since the pickets invited Mollie to join them to help expand the offerings for younger riders at Journey-Well Farm, she has helped build the sense of joy and purpose in the community.

In addition to riding, Mollie competes in Powerlifting and Strongman and is an avid hiker, having completed numerous sections of the Appalachian Trail with her service dog Nahoa by her side.

Megan Hughes

Riding Instructor

Megan is a psychology major currently studying for adolescent counseling at Carroll community college.

Megan has been with JWF for over ten years, first as a student, then as an apprentice teacher, and finally as part of the instructor team. During that time she has grown in her horsemanship, horse training skills, and in her ability to mentor those skills in others.

She teaches beginners on Saturdays. Pictured is her pony Rio.

Christine Lonsdale

Guest Instructor

Christine began riding at 5 years old and joined the United States Pony Club shortly after. Pony Club gave Christine an introduction to the show world where she quickly found her passion in the hunter and jumper rings. Throughout her junior years Christine found success on the A circuit with wins at the Devon Horse Show, Harrisburg and the Upperville Colt and Horse Show. Christine joined the IHSA while in college at West Virginia University and had regular wins within the zone and region as well as at invitational Tournament of Champions competitions.

She continued to train and show horses outside of the college team and began working for Jon and Joe Fischetti of Reflecting Heavens Stables while in school. In 2016 Christine graduated from WVU with dual degrees in Strategic Communications and Agricultural Business with an Equine focus. Upon graduation Christine began working for leading trainers and prestigious programs including the Greenspring Valley Hunt Club before beginning her own Blue Venture Sporthorses in 2021.

Christine strives for clear communication between horse and rider and loves to develop and sell amateur-friendly horses for the hunters, jumpers and foxhunting. Christine has trained with top industry professionals including George Morris, Linda Zang, Daniel Stewart and Richard Lamb.