All Levels Welcome.

A supportive training community for you, your dog, and your horse!

Horseback Riding, Training, & Equine Therapy

Disciplines include Eventing, Fox-chasing, or simply hone your Dressage skills!

Group classes are taught using a Montessori approach that allows students to move at their own pace.

All ages and experience levels welcome.

Dog Training & Fitness

Work with Beth, a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner to maintain or build your dog’s strength, flexibility, and endurance while building a stronger bond!

Join us for a group training class or private lessons in our dog gym to provide your pup an extra dose of exercise and enrichment!

Human Wellness

Join our 500-hour certified Yoga instructor to learn this age-old art that enables you to approach everything else in your life more peacefully and while improving your strength, suppleness, balance and more effectively reach your fitness goals.

Both group and private lessons available.

What we do

At Journey-Well Farm we believe in the joy of continual learning and thriving. The inspired farm name reflects our goal to enjoy the gift of a journey through life with animals.

Do all you can with what you know, what you have, and what you hope to achieve; and do it well – to the highest standard possible.

Here at Journey-Well we enjoy a community of like minded equine and canine enthusiasts with varied backgrounds, goals, and levels of expertise. From the beginner to the professional, pleasure rider to the competitor there is a place in our community for everyone.